Shipwrecks of famous shipping lines

Shipwrecks of the Cunard Line - Reviews

A selection of reviews of the book Shipwrecks of the Cunard Line by Sam Warwick & Mike Roussel.

Diver Magazine

August 2012

Well-illustrated both with historic and underwater images, the back-stories are brought alive with the help of quotes and anecdotes, while the underwater sections show that Sam Warwick knows his stuff.

Read the full review by Steve Weinman online or in the original magazine article here.

Ships Monthly

August 2012 - Book of the Month
Sam Warwick, the son of the affable former Cunard Line Commodore Ron Warwick, is an expert diver whilst his co-author, Mike Roussel, is an experienced maritime author and their enthusiasm is very evident throughout the book. This is also backed up by the use of much original source material. At £20, this book offers excellent value for money and is highly recommended.
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Sea Breezes

A book that comes highy recommended.

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Shipping Today and Yesterday

This is an extremely well researched book which will prove of great interest, not just for keen divers, but for anyone with an interest in maritime history. The book is extremely well illustrated and I have no hesitation in very highly recommending it to our readers.
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Nautilus Telegraph

August 2012

This book is well written, beautifully produced and should inspire and enthral a readership that stretches beyond shipping and diving fanatics.

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Scottish Diver

September/October 2012
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I was impressed with the photography both above and under the water. A fine book, fit to grace any coffee table.

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Voyage (Titanic International Society)

Autumn 2012
The photos are exceptional, the text crisp, well-researched and interesting. Sam Warwick (whose father and grandfather were Cunard commodores) and Mike Roussel have written a book that’s full of history and the excitement of exploration. Their book is highly recommended.
Read the full review by by Charles Haas here.