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1891-1917, 8 miles SE of Mine Head, Ireland



The Feltria was a passenger/cargo ship built in 1891 as the Avoca for the British India Steam Navigation Co.. The ship was constructed by William Denny & Bros of Dumbarton and launched on 9 June 1891.

The ship went through a number of name and ownership changes before eventually being sold to Cunard in 1913.

On 5 May 1917 at 7.30 p.m. the Feltria was sunk by UC 48 (Commander Kurt Ramien) 8 miles south-east of Mine Head, Waterford with the loss of 45 lives.


Dimensions135.0 x 14.6 m (443 x 48 ft)
Speed13 knots
FateTorpedoed (UC 48)


The wreck of the Feltria rests 10 miles off the south-east corner of Ireland between Dungarvan and Waterford. Visibility on the wreck is generally very poor. The wreck is upright with a list to port and is relatively intact despite the damage caused by the torpedo. The bow is clearly recognisable and there is a distinctive fantail stern. Large quantities of phosphorous have been seen on the wreck.


Dive Data
Position51°57.803' N 007°18.783' W
Depth66m (217ft)
TidesSlack water

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