Shipwrecks of famous shipping lines

Shipwrecks of the P&O Line - Reviews

A selection of reviews of the book Shipwrecks of the P&O Line by Sam Warwick & Mike Roussel.

Diver Magazine

September 2017

The writing is crisp and to the point, and the diving content is just detailed enough to provide a good counterpoint to the history. ... This is a book for UK wreck-divers who revel in maritime history, whether the result is a diveable wreck or not.

Read the full review by Steve Weinman online or in the original magazine article here.

Ships Monthly

September 2017 - Book of the Month

Offering a different view of maritime history, it will be of interest to maritime enthusiasts, as well as those who have taken up diving as a leisure sport.

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Shipping Today and Yesterday

November 2017

This is an extremely well researched book and beautifully presented with good photographs. I would very highly recommend it.

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Nautilus Telegraph

December 2017

Well researched, nicely written and produced to high standards, the book benefits from having the fascinating perspective of the scuba diver Sam Warwick, who has completed over 1,000 dives around the world -- and whose father and grandfather were Cunard masters. ... Thoroughly recommended.

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Atlantic Daily Bulletin

December 2017

Beautifully illustrated and a fascinating read, this is Sam Warwick & Mike Roussel's third collaboration and follows their successful 'Shipwrecks of the Cunard Line' & 'The Union-Castle Line: Sailing Like Clockwork'.

Read the full review here. The Atlantic Daily Bulletin is the Journal of the British Titanic Society.