Shipwrecks of famous shipping lines

Candia (2)

1896-1917, Sussex

Candia (2)


Candia (2) was built for P&O by Caird & Co., Greenock, and launched on 7 November 1896. Twin screws were powered by triple-expansion steam engines. Dedicated cargo liner with a capacity of 432,921 cubic feet (12,257 cubic metres).

Torpedoed in the English Channel by UC 65 with the loss of one life.


Dimensions137.3 x 15.9 m (450.6 x 52.3 ft)
Speed14 knots
FateTorpedoed (UC 65)


Lies amongst sandy dunes in a general depth of around 50m, a distance of 14 miles south of Littlehampton. The shallowest section is the top of the midships superstructure in 40m, with the deeper bow and stern sections in excess of 50m. Deep scours around the wreck can result in depths closer to 60m. The midships area is the most intact part of the wreck and sits completely upright, with lots of open interior areas that can be explored safely. The engines and boilers are embedded deeper inside the wreck, towards the aft. On either side of the central superstructure the wreck drops off steeply to sandy holds and collapsed hull plating. There is a large anchor winch at the bow.


Dive Data
Position50.572233, -0.51295
Depth45m (148ft)
TidesSlack water only

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